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Application Of Bending Machines In The Automotive Industry


In modern industrial production, bending machines, as an important metal processing equipment, are widely used in many industries. Whether it is automobile manufacturing, construction hardware, home appliance production, or furniture manufacturing, bending machines play an irreplaceable role. This article will focus on the applicable industries of the bending machine and analyze its application in the […]

Ethiopian Customers Come To The Factory To Buy CNC Metal Bending Machine

dxtech faber laser cutting

Recently, we are very honored to welcome several customers from Ethiopia. They had an in-depth visit to DXTECH’s factory. Through the careful introduction of our professionals, the customer was very satisfied with our products and immediately decided to purchase a set of production line equipment, including fiber cutting machines, welding machines and bending machines. Here, […]

The Road To Upgrade From Manual Press Brake To CNC Press Brake

DX-125T/3200mm ESA 630 Electro Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

The manual bending machine is the earliest type of bending machine. Its structure is relatively simple and mainly consists of a mechanical transmission system and a bending mechanism. In the early manufacturing industry, manual bending machines were widely used because of their easy operation and low price. However, with the development of the manufacturing industry, […]

Common Sense You Need To Know When Purchasing A Metal Press Brake Machine

press brake

Manual press brake machine: simple to operate, suitable for lightweight and small batch production. Hydraulic press brake machine: driven by a hydraulic system, it can bend larger-sized plates, has high work efficiency, and is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production. CNC press brake machine: Programmable automatic control, capable of bending metal sheets of various […]

The Difference Between Torsion Axis Press Brake And Hydraulic Press Brake

DX-125T/3200mm ESA 630 Electro Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

In the field of large-scale mechanical equipment production, bending machines are indispensable and important equipment. Today, we’ll dive into the key differences between torsion axis press brakes and hydraulic press brakes to help you better understand the features and applications of both pieces of equipment. Why choose a bending machine produced by DXTECH? DXTECH is […]

DXTECH CNC Press Brake Machine Has Been Sent To Tanzania

dxtech cnc press brake machine bas been Sent to Tanzania

In the vast field of industrial manufacturing, bending machines are an indispensable part, and their performance and efficiency directly affect the quality and efficiency of the entire production line. Today, we’re taking a closer look at our CNC press brake and how it’s helping an equipment production and manufacturing company in Tanzania achieve a giant […]